Bishop’s Advent Appeal 2018

Bishop Robert writes:
This year’s Advent Appeal is to enable St Andrew’s Moscow to equip their church with a kitchen.
St Andrew’s is committed to the work of reconciliation and the building of trust between peoples. It fulfils this key element of our diocesan strategy in a unique and powerful way. It is not putting it too strongly to say that St Andrew’s Church contributes in a small way to the cause of world peace.
The offering and sharing of hospitality is a key part of the life of many of our chaplaincies. St Andrew’s is no exception. But at present, food has to be brought in by parishioners or prepared in the parsonage. St Andrew’s would love to be able to prepare food on site.
A kitchen would further St Andrew’s work of reconciliation. It would strengthen church fellowship. And it would be a place in which some of the orphaned young people who are served by St Andrew’s could be taught how to cook. More details on this are available upon request.
We can all appreciate the importance of food and shared meals as means of furthering mission and outreach. I think the installation of a new kitchen is a great idea, which is worthy of our support.
Please do consider how you can support my Advent Appeal, which this year is for St Andrew’s Moscow.    You can give money to this appeal through your church treasurer, who will forward your gift to the diocesan office.
+ Robert
The Rt Rev Robert Innes, Bishop in Europe