The Season of Advent

The Season of Advent soon draws to a close –  tomorrow evening, in fact, with the celebration of the Nativity of Our Lord. Here we commemorate the birth of Christ, the fulfilment of Israel’s longing for the One who would    deliver them from the dark forces of this world and lead them triumphantly  to the next.

‘This, this is Christ the King, whom shepherds worship and angels sing,’ we sing this time of year. The Child of Bethlehem was no ordinary child. ‘The hopes and fears of all the years’ were met in the coming of Jesus the Christ. Beyond all the lovely words and melodies of the season, there lives this deep and glorious truth. The birth of Christ still sings hope and light into our  darkness. May we be found listening and transformed by its message.

Bientôt la Saison de l’Avent s’achève à sa fin – demain soir, en fait, avec la fête de la Nativité de Notre-Seigneur. C’est la commémoration de la naissance du Christ, la venue de Celui qui délivrerait Israël des forces du mal de ce monde et mènerait tous les peuples triomphalement au prochain. Au-delà de toutes les belles paroles et mélodies de la saison, une vérité profonde et glorieuse chante encore dans nos oreilles. Que nous restions attentifs et soyons transformés par elle.

Mark +          

… and from Bishop Robert’s Christmas letter

This Christmas, I hope that the message of the birth of the Son of God, born to change hearts and minds, to bring people back to God and to empower people to be reconciled with each other is a message that will give us all comfort, encouragement and hope.

I wish each of you and your families a very happy Christmas.

 + Robert Innes, Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe