Praising the Lord with music and making a joyful noise is a vital part of our Sunday worship, particularly as we come from so many different musical traditions.  We may not rise to psalters and harps but when the children are let loose they have a great time with cymbals and other percussion instruments. Otherwise, our mainstays are organ, guitar and voices.
Our worship is regularly accompanied by the organ, and often by guitar or keyboard. The organ pieces played before and after the service and during communion are related in some way to the melodies or words of the hymns and range from Renaissance to the contemporary. When an organist is not available members of the congregation accompany the hymns on the guitar or keyboard.  The hymns are chosen from the New English Hymnal and New Hymns and Worship Songs.
A small but dedicated group of singers frequently come together and perform a capella pieces during parts of the service. We always welcome experienced singers. Rehearsals depending on people’s availability.
Organist: Katherine Parsons,
Singing group: Sarah Palmer,