Church Lunch at Baggersee 8th October 2017

The Churchwardens Denis Le Moullac & Pauline Dif write:
It is now the time of year when we start back to work and school. St. Alban’s Church too will begin a new and important phase in its life. This autumn we will be welcoming into our church family a new priest-in-charge Mark Barwick, his wife Corinna, and their two young children Madeleine and Elias. Mark will take his first church service with us on October 1.

We would like to use the occasion of our Annual Church Lunch at the Baggersee to introduce him and his family to our varied and diverse congregation in a memorable happy celebration together.
The lunch will be held after church on Sunday October 8 at the Baggersee venue (in a park on a large lake to the south of the Meinau, and a 10-minute walk from the tram stop “Hohwart” on the A line in the direction of Graffenstaden, along the rue du Languedoc).
It will take the form of a “pot-luck” meal. You are all warmly invited to attend and to contribute in bringing food and drink to share with everyone. There will be a list on display at the back of the church over the next few Sundays on which to indicate what you intend to contribute. You may also contact Pauline Dif (tel. ) or Anny Samuels (tel. to find out what may be needed.
During the lunch there will be a Tombola draw, with a good selection of prizes. The proceeds will go to help the work of ACAS, the church’s charitable and outward-giving association.

Come on Sunday October 8 to enjoy a good time together as a church community and to meet our new chaplain and his family informally over a convivial meal .

Fighting modern slavery in Pakistan – presentation on 6 September.

The Rev. Silas Lazar, from the Mission Revival Church in Montreal, Canada, is currently touring  Europe as part of his ministry to raise support for his particular project in Pakistan.  His concern is with persecuted families (women, children) working in brick-making factories in different parts of Pakistan who are mistreated, tortured, kept under bondage as debt payers from generation to generation, and are denied freedom.  The Rev. Silas Lazar is the author of many Christian books; his most recent release is entitled “Remove your mountain by releasing your power” and is available as an e-book.

His tour will take him to Paris, Geneva, Marseille and Brussels, where he will present his project: beginning with the release of families from bondage it aims to reinstate them in the main-stream community.  On 6th September he will be in Strasbourg to publicise this project at the home of the Jacobs family.

An open invitation is extended to anyone who would like to find out more about his work to join the Jacobs family on 6th September, 2017 at 5 rue de Wallonie, Apartment 4, 67000 Strasbourg at 12.00h (lunch will be served); the presentation should end at 13:30h.

Please let the Jacobs know if you can come – by email to: or or

Tel. 06 68 74 07 20.



Earlier start of All Age Worship on 3 September

The services on Sunday 3 September, the first Sunday of the month, have been rearranged – for the best of good reasons.  At 11.00am Mary and Endurance will be celebrating their wedding and the baptism of their child; all are invited to take part in the ceremony and stay afterwards for a reception in the Centre Mounier.

As a result, the usual communion service according to the Book of Common Prayer will not take place on 3 September, but instead on the following Sunday, 10 September, at 9.40am.

The service of All Age Worship will begin half an hour earlier than usual, at 10.00am, in time to the wedding to start at 11.00am.

Golden opportunity for singers – Choral Evensong in Paris

The Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) has a branch in France, and organises Singing Days for choral enthusiasts led by excellent conductors.  On 21 October 2017 it is organising a National Festival at the American Cathedral in Paris to sing Choral Evensong there, and one of the world’s leading church musicians, Malcolm Archer, will be directing it.  He has has enjoyed a distinguished career in cathedral music, which has taken him to posts at Norwich, Bristol, Wells Cathedrals and then Director of Music at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.  He is now Director of Chapel Music at Winchester College in Hampshire.

Singers who enrol receive the music ahead of time so that they can prepare for a day of rigorous but exhilarating rehearsals, culminating in the service of Choral Evensong.  Anyone who is interested can take part.  Thanks to the good TGV connection between Strasbourg and Paris the trip can easily be done in one day.   A booking form is attached.

RSCM Booking form 21.10.17


Services in Holy Week

Our locum priest John Murray writes:

“During Holy Week we’re having four communion services in people’s homes. These have a special atmosphere, more intimate than our Sunday services in church. As at the Last Supper in the upper room, we gather around a table in an ordinary home and remember that very special meal to which Jesus attached a new meaning with his words “This is my body…This is my blood”.

Monday 10 April at 7 p.m.

Holy Communion at the home of Eila Walker,

21 rue Auguste Himly, Strasbourg-Robertsau. 03 88 31 82 11

Tuesday 11 April at 7 p.m.

Holy Communion at the home of Naveed and Victoria Jacob,

5 rue de Wallonie. Tel 03 88 34 55 48

Mercredi 12 avril à 18h00

Eucharistie en français chez Jean et Marie-France Ramanitrarivo,

1 rue du Ried, 67800 Hoenheim. Tel 09 53 71 07 33

Maundy Thursday, 13 April, at 7 p.m.

Holy Communion at the Chaplaincy flat, 15 rue d’Austerlitz, Strasbourg.

Good Friday, 14 April from 1.00 to 2.45 p.m.  Église des Dominicains

Meditations on the Passion (1.00 to 2.00 p.m.), followed by

Liturgy of Good Friday (2.00 to 2.45 p.m.)

Easter Day, 16 April at 10.30 a.m.  Église des Dominicains

Holy Eucharist  followed by Easter Sunday lunch at the home of John and Diane Murray, 21 rue de l’Hospice, Dorlisheim (Tel 03 88 36 12 25). Everyone is welcome, but it would be a help if you could let us know in advance if you are coming. Lifts will be available.

Children Sleepover 29-30 April

                      Aumônerie anglicane de Strasbourg
                                                                                           Anglican Chaplaincy Strasbourg
                                           Association à but cultuel inscrite au Registre des Associations
                                                                                   du Tribunal d’Instance de Strasbourg,
                                                                      Vol. LXXII, Folio N° 114, Dossier N° 229/1995

                                                                                   15 rue d’Austerlitz, 67000 Strasbourg
                                                                                                                                                                      Tél. 06 24 33 16 16


On a beautiful December day, we went for a trip in the Vosges looking for a chalet site able to welcome our « Children Sleepover » 2017.  After a rather inconclusive first attempt, we finally discovered a chalet fulfilling all our expectations.

It is the « chalet des Amis de la Nature de la Chaume des Veaux » high above Hohwald. At 980 m above sea level, near the « Champ du Feu » ski resort, the house can be reached in all seasons via the Kreutzweg pass. The house offers 80 beds, split between 28 rooms of capacity for 2 up to 6.  There are two big dining rooms, one called Le Ranch seating 35, the other one can seat 70, and the kitchen is well equipped.

It is an ideal child friendly site:  they can play outside without any risk as there is no major road in the neighbourhood.  In case of rain, there are tables for games such as “baby foot” (table football)  and table tennis.

The ramblers will also be delighted as there are plenty of footpaths.  The view from the magnificent terrace and the quiet surroundings alone ma

To get there, please take the Strasbourg-Colmar motorway, take the exit Mittelbergheim-Andlau, drive through Andlau and Hohwald (in the direction of Champ du Feu) after the village, turn to the right at the panel indicating Chalet des Amis de la Nature.

We will be able to spend a weekend devoted to our children and friends, in God’s Grace. ke the trip worth while.

We have confirmed our booking for the weekend of 29th & 30th April.  Their rates enable us to offer even better tariffs than last year.

The weekend will cost 15 Euros per adult, 12 Euros per child up to 18 years of age, accommodation and food included.  We have set up a family offer for 40 Euros.  People joining us only for a day will contribute 5 Euros to the costs of meals and rental costs of the premises.

Please note that you will have to bring your sheets and pillow cases (or a sleeping bag). The detailed programme will be sent out later on.

Registration form

Surname:  ………………………………………………………………………….   first name:…………………………………………………………………………..


Number of people: ………………………………..


Will come for:                       –        the whole weekend (*)

(*) circle your choice           –       only on the Saturday

–       only on the Sunday.

Is planning to bring the following contribution to the meals (or drinks):



Is willing to help out on the following tasks: ……………………………


(Example: preparing meals, washing up, cleaning the reception areas before departure, leisure activities, etc.)


Please do register as soon as possible with either Pauline Dif or Anny Samuels.

Chalet details: tel. 03 88 69 36 16 – email:

website: (for further information).


Chalet details: tel. 03 88 69 36 16 – email:

website: (for further information).

Journée Internationale des Droits des Femmes : 4 rendez-vous.

Dans le cadre de la journée internationale des droits des femmes, le 8 mars, quatre rendez-vous mettent en avant le rapport privilégié du protestantisme avec les femmes.

–      Mercredi 8 mars à 18h30, salle de conférence de la Médiathèque André Malraux de Strasbourg : conférence d’Anne-Marie Heitz-Muller, docteur en théologie, sur l’influence de la réformation sur la vie des Strasbourgeoises au XVIe siècle.

–      Mercredi 8 mars à 20h, église Saint-Guillaume de Strasbourg : concert-lecture autour de textes de femmes du temps de la Réforme et textes d’hommes illustrant le regard porté par elles. Avec Anne-Marie Heitz-Muller, théologienne et Pauline Haas, harpiste. Entrée libre – plateau

–      Samedi 11 mars, à 17h, église Saint-Thomas de Strasbourg : « Femmes d’espérance, femmes d’exception – ces protestantes qui ont osé », une exposition de 32 panneaux autour de grands noms de femmes protestantes (Katharina Zell, Isabeau Vincent, Suzanne de Dietrich, Madeleine Barrault, Berthe Bertsch…) du XVIe au XXIe siècle. Visite guidée par Marjolaine Chevallier, historienne, ancien professeure à la Faculté de théologie protestante de Strasbourg.

–      Samedi 11 mars, à 18h, siège de l’UEPAL, 1b quai St-Thomas, à Strasbourg, en salle Koch : table ronde : « La place des femmes, c’est aussi l’affaire des hommes !», avec Gabrielle Cadier-Rey, historienne ; Paule Zellitch, membre du comité de la Jupe ; Chris Doude van Troostwijk, philosophe ; Jean-Jacques Bonsirven, ancien inspecteur ecclésiastique. Débat avec le public animé par Patricia Rohner-Hégé, vice-présidente de l’UEPAL.

Vous êtes bien sûr les bienvenus !                                                                      



Lent programme 2017

During Lent everyone is invited to take part in a series of breakfast time meetings before the service on Sunday mornings.  The theme is:
The Psalms: Songs of Faith and Doubt.
On Ash Wednesday, 1 March 2017 at 19.30h there will be a service of Holy Communion for the start of Lent at the Chaplaincy flat, 15 rue d’Austerlitz, which will be followed by a simple supper.
You will find all the details of St. Alban’s Lent Programme here:

Lent Programme 2017

Saturday 18 March: Evening of Music for CASAS at Munsterhof

CASAS ( Collectif d’accueil pour les solliciteurs d’asile à Strasbourg) is one of the local organisations which St. Alban’s has been supporting for very many years.  Thanks to the practical and expert support of CASAS many members of our congregation who arrived in Strasbourg as refugees have been granted asylum and found their place in French society. CASAS has existed for over 30 years, but since the introduction of new asylum legislation in 2016 many of its state subsidies have been cut (see for further details.)
We know at first-hand how important the work of CASAS is; we feel it is vital to do what we can to ensure that it continues to exist.  Therefore St. Alban’s is activating its impressively diverse creative potential to raise funds for the organisation.  St. Alban’s charitable organisation, ACAS,   invites everyone to an Evening of Music for CASAS on Saturday 18 March 2017 at 19.00h at the Munsterhof, 9 rue des Juifs, Strasbourg.   Entrance is free, finger food and drinks are on sale, and donations are requested. All proceeds from the Evening will be donated to CASAS.

Liebfrauenberg Weekend 31 March – 2 April 2017

Weekend retreat on the topic of “The Gift of Uncertainty”
Leader: Brother Luke Fox, Mucknall Abbey, nr. Worcester, England.

Liebfrauenberg, a former pilgrimage site and monastery , is a retreat centre surrounded by woods on a hill with wonderful views near Woerth in northern Alsace.  Every springtime in Lent members of the Anglican chaplaincies of Strasbourg, Heidelberg and Stuttgart meet here for a study and recreational weekend.    As well as study and discussion of the given topic there is time to enjoy the company of friends and to make new ones, to worship together, walk in this beautiful area and enjoy rest and relaxation.  All are warmly invited to come and join in.  Children are always welcome.

This year our leader is Brother Luke Fox from Mucknell Abbey near Worcester in England, a contemplative Benedictine community for men and women which is part of the Church of England, and he has chosen to talk about uncertainty and thanksgiving.

The weekend starts with supper on the evening of Friday 31st March at 6.30pm and finishes at teatime on Sunday 2 April at about 3pm.  It is possible to come for just part of the time if you cannot make it for a whole weekend. If there are four or more children coming there will be a programme especially for them.  And on Saturday evening there is a long-standing tradition of visiting the local village for “tarte flambée”.  Please note that this year the Eucharist on Sunday will be held early on the Sunday afternoon.

Our leader

Brother Luke writes: “My name is Luke Fox. I am 29 years old and was born and raised in Wales. I studied theology at the University of Wales, Lampeter from 2006-2009. Upon leaving university I spent some time working in a variety of roles for a residential management company before spending a brief period travelling around Europe. I entered Mucknell Abbey as an Alongsider (someone who lives alongside the community without formally becoming a member) in 2011 at the age of 23. After nine months as an “Alongsider” I then entered the novitiate, this lasted 3 years. I then moved on to become a junior professed member of the community. I am now approaching the end of my time as a junior professed member of the community and considering whether to take life vows of stability, obedience and conversion of life, in the community, or to leave and pursue a different path.

The Subject

The focus of the retreat will be on the experience of uncertainty in our lives and the gifts that can emerge from engaging, not fleeing, from that uncertainty. We will spend time reflecting prayerfully on scriptural stories that relate episodes in which characters encounter uncertain times and situations in their lives, and hopefully find correlations with our own lives and the contexts in which we find ourselves. By seeking to ponder the place of uncertainty in our lives we will seek to discover if it offers to us gifts of God’s grace for which we can be thankful.


Every effort is made to keep costs as low as possible. The cost is all inclusive with full board.

Adults                                     75 euros each day

Young people 13 -17              54 euros each day

Children 4 – 12                       40 euros each day

Children under 4                    no charge

If you find the price too high please speak to the local Strasbourg organisers, John and Diane Murray. Please use the booking form (see link below) and let the organisers know by 15 March.

Booking form Liebfrauenberg 2017  Email to:

For more information about Liebfrauenberg see

Mucknall Abbey also has its own website: