Temporary Venue for Sunday Worship

Since Pentecost our hosts, the Dominicans, have closed their church for several weeks; this is to enable structural repairs and renovation work to be carried out. At the same time the ailing organ has been dismantled, the Dominicans hope that a new instrument will be installed by the end of the year.

 The Grande Salle of the Centre Mounier next door has been set up as a worship space for both for the Dominicans and the Anglicans to use. We will be gathering for services there on Sundays at 10.30h until the construction work in the church is finished. The entrance to the Centre Mounier is through the first door to the right of the church door, the Grande Salle is on the first floor.

We will meet for coffee after the service at Nick Rivier’s apartment one door further down at 40, rue die l’Université, as the Dominicans need the use of the Grande Salle for their midday office.

L’église sera bientôt fermée pendant plusieurs semaines pour des réparations et des rénovations. Nous nous réunirons pendant cette période dans la Grande Salle du Centre Mounier à côté de l’église.

Our temporary worship space in the Centre Mounier

The Sunday School back from a camping sleepover in Kienheim.