Clearance of Chaplaincy Flat and Book Sale

Tables, Chairs- easy and otherwise -, beds and cupboards; crockery, glassware, cutlery, pots and pans – all these are up for sale at extremely moderate prices as the Chaplaincy flat is cleared. This is because our priest, Mark Barwick and his family, are moving to a house of their own in Schiltigheim, so that they no longer require Chaplaincy accommodation. Over the past years furniture and household wares have accumulated which are still serviceable but no longer needed, and can therefore go to new homes.

If you need to furnish a room or apartment on a shoestring then this is the opportunity ! Come to the apartment at 12, ave. de la Forêt Noire on:

Sunday, 18. September, Monday 19. September, Tuesday 20. September between 14.00h and 18.00h. Pauline Dif will be there then to advise and take care of sales.

If you are interested in acquiring furniture etc. but not able to come on these days or at these times, please contact Pauline Dif on +33 676 80 30 17 and she can arrange to be at the apartment when needed until 22. September.
On Saturday 24 September there will be a sale of English and French books at the apartment of Nick Rivier, 40 rue de l’Université. Each book will cost only 50 cents! – and the range of titles is quite extraordinary. Come, browse and buy from 9.00h – 12.00h, 14.00 – 17.00h.