Where to find Us

10h30 Sunday mornings
Eglise des Dominicains
41 Blvd de la Victoire, Strasbourg

Who We Are

We are people, not a building.
Many have English as our first language, for others it is the second or third.
Many of us are European or North American, many are African. Others are from Asia, Australia and New Zealand.
Some of us are here for a short time, others have been here for 30 years.
Our church belongs to the Anglican Communion but we are from many different Christian backgrounds and this is reflected in our worship.
Some of us are retired, others are not yet walking. Some of us are refugees, some are expatriates, others were born here. Some of us have families, others are here on their own.
We have all found a home in this church.

Upcoming Events

November 16, 2019
  • Bredele Baking/Confection de Bredele
    Starts: 2:00 pm
    Ends: November 16, 2019 - 5:00 pm

    Location: chez Samuels, 13 rue de Landsberg, Neudorf Strasbourg


    An opportunity to join in ACAS' annual Big Bake-Off to make traditional Alsatian Christmas cookies. All proceeds are for the church's charitable giving.

November 17, 2019
  • Holy Eucharist
    Starts: 10:30 am
    Ends: November 17, 2019 - 12:00 pm

    Location: Eglise des Dominicains, 41 Boulevard de la Victoire, 67000 Strasbourg, France

November 19, 2019
  • Tuesday Prayers
    Starts: 6:30 pm
    Ends: November 19, 2019 - 7:15 pm

    Location: Aumônerie anglicane, 12 ave. de la Forêt Noire, 67000 Strasbourg


    Come join us at the Chaplaincy flat every Tuesday from 18h30 to 19h30 for a time to pray. Whether you are new to prayer, frustrated with prayer or an experienced practitioner, you will find a place alongside others in all simplicity and in a spirit of mutual encourage-ment. All are welcome !

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Recent Posts

Bredele Baking / Confection de Bredele

Chaque année durant l’Avent, l’équipe de pâtissières de l’ACAS se retrouve pour confectionner de délicieux Bredele, ces petits gâteaux de Noël typiquement alsaciens. Cette année, nous envisageons de commencer tôt pour en préparer davantage, mais aussi pour qu’ils soient prêts, notamment, pour le marché de Noël de l’English Speaking…

Baggersee Lunch 3 November

Join us on Sunday 3rd November for St Alban’s annual Autumn Lunch at Baggersee. Good company, excellent food and fine music will be on offer.
You are invited to bring salads, side dishes and desserts.
Venez nombreux le dimanche 3 novembre pour le lunch d’automne annuel de St Alban à Baggersee….