Clearance of Chaplaincy Flat and Book Sale

Tables, Chairs- easy and otherwise -, beds and cupboards; crockery, glassware, cutlery, pots and pans – all these are up for sale at extremely moderate prices as the Chaplaincy flat is cleared. This is because our priest, Mark Barwick and his family, are moving to a house of their own in Schiltigheim, so that they no longer require Chaplaincy accommodation. Over the past years furniture and household wares have accumulated which are still serviceable but no longer needed, and can therefore go to new homes.

If you need to furnish a room or apartment on a shoestring then this is the opportunity ! Come to the apartment at 12, ave. de la Forêt Noire on:

Sunday, 18. September, Monday 19. September, Tuesday 20. September between 14.00h and 18.00h. Pauline Dif will be there then to advise and take care of sales.

If you are interested in acquiring furniture etc. but not able to come on these days or at these times, please contact Pauline Dif on +33 676 80 30 17 and she can arrange to be at the apartment when needed until 22. September.
On Saturday 24 September there will be a sale of English and French books at the apartment of Nick Rivier, 40 rue de l’Université. Each book will cost only 50 cents! – and the range of titles is quite extraordinary. Come, browse and buy from 9.00h – 12.00h, 14.00 – 17.00h.



25. September: Jubilee Service at St. Pierre-le-Jeune

On Sunday 25 September there will be no service at the Dominican Chapel!  Instead at 10.00 am we will join the congregation of St. Pierre-le-Jeune to celebrate the 700 year Jubilee of the building of the nave at St Pierre-le-Jeune Protestant Church.  The church is in the centre of town, at place St. Pierre-le-Jeune, off place Kléber (tram to Homme-de-Fer, routes A, B, C, D, F).

St. Pierre-le-Jeune, Archi-Wiki 2010.


Il n’y aura pas de culte à la Chapelle Dominicaine le 25 septembre! A 10h00 nous nous joindrons à la célébration  du jubilé de 700 ans de la construction de la nef à l’église protestante St Pierre-le-Jeune.. L’église se trouve au centre de la ville, place St. Pierre-le-Jeune, près de la place Kléber (tram au Homme-de-Fer, lignes A, B, C, D, F).

Back inside the church again!

As from this coming Sunday, 7th August, we will be able to celebrate our Sunday worship back in the church of the Dominican brothers again. Since Whitsun, nearly two months ago, the church has been closed and emptied for restoration and cleaning. Both the Dominicans and Anglicans used the upper room in the Centre Mounier as as provisional chapel. However, last Sunday, 31st July, frère Francois of the Dominicans joined us at the end of our service and announced the good news that from the coming Sunday on we would be able to worship in the church again.  He invited us to visit the church after the service to experience it as we would never see it again: completely empty.

A unique view of the Dominicans’ chapel.

It really was a revelation; all the soot and accumulated dinginess of past decades on the stonework has disappeared, the church is much lighter now. The space feels generous and welcoming.  It is a remarkable building because it is a prefabricated concrete structure, designed by the architect Alfred-Jacques Nasousky (1864 – 1943) and completed in 1930 for the Dominican community which was re-established in Strasbourg in 1927.  Read more

The organ loft will remain untenanted until Christmas, when – if all goes to plan – the new organ will be installed.

Temporary Venue for Sunday Worship

Since Pentecost our hosts, the Dominicans, have closed their church for several weeks; this is to enable structural repairs and renovation work to be carried out. At the same time the ailing organ has been dismantled, the Dominicans hope that a new instrument will be installed by the end of the year.

 The Grande Salle of the Centre Mounier next door has been set up as a worship space for both for the Dominicans and the Anglicans to use. We will be gathering for services there on Sundays at 10.30h until the construction work in the church is finished. The entrance to the Centre Mounier is through the first door to the right of the church door, the Grande Salle is on the first floor.

We will meet for coffee after the service at Nick Rivier’s apartment one door further down at 40, rue die l’Université, as the Dominicans need the use of the Grande Salle for their midday office.

L’église sera bientôt fermée pendant plusieurs semaines pour des réparations et des rénovations. Nous nous réunirons pendant cette période dans la Grande Salle du Centre Mounier à côté de l’église.

Our temporary worship space in the Centre Mounier

The Sunday School back from a camping sleepover in Kienheim.

ACAS AGM Assemblée Générale 26 March

The Association Caritative Anglicane de Strasbourg (ACAS) exists in order that members of St. Alban’s may contribute to organisations that help people in need.  This is so as to comply with French law which does not permit “associations cultuelles” (i.e. churches) to give any of their income away. All those who attend services at St. Alban’s are invited to come to the Annual General Meeting of ACAS this coming Saturday, 26 March, 15.00h at Café Rivier, 40, rue de l’Université, Strasbourg, and put forward any suggestions for causes which ACAS could support.  ACAS usually contributes to CASAS and CIMADE, two organisations in Strasbourg which for many years have provided aid and advice for asylum-seekers and refugees. Through our Malgache members strong links have also been established with the Anglican church in Foulpointe which has repeatedly been ravaged by cyclones. All ideas are welcome !  Also welcome are ideas for fund-raising during the coming year, so that ACAS can continue to respond to calls for help.

Bishop’s Lent and Easter Appeal for Aid to Ukraine

This year the Diocese in Europe is asking for donations to a special appeal fund for the crisis in Ukraine.  This fund will be managed by the USPG (United Society Partners in the Gospel), the Anglican mission agency that “partners churches and communities worldwide in God’s mission to enliven faith, strengthen relationships, unlock potential and champion justice” ( )

Bishop Robert writes: “There are now over a million refugees in Europe and thousands of internally displaced in Ukraine. They have left everything behind to escape the conflict. Christian Charities and our Churches need our help as they support these people in all aspects of their lives. … We are calling this a “Lent and Easter Appeal”. Partly that just reflects the timing. But more profoundly, we want to signal that our donations are a sign of hope.  The Christian story ends not with crucifixion but with the hope of resurrection.” For more see ´

You can donate to the Bishop’s Lent Appeal through ACAS (Association Caritative Anglicane de Strasbourg). For account details go to “Activities” on this website and click on “Solidarity with people in need”. Cheques should be made out to ACAS and marked “ACAS 2022 Lent Appeal”.

Every Wednesday in Lent at 5pm (GMT), the Diocese in Europe is putting time aside to pray for peace in Ukraine.  See

How else can we help:

The following items can be brought to the mairies du quartier during regular opening hours. These will be transported to Ukraine and to neighbouring countries by the Protection Civile.

  • Logistics: cots, sleeping bags, survival blankets, electrical equipment (spotlights, lights, extension cords, generators)
  • Hygiene: body gels and soaps, toothpaste, toothbrushes, nappies and baby formula, non-expired medicines, razors, shaving foam, sanitary napkins
  • First aid: single-use gloves, surgical masks, suture materials, medical gowns, elastic bandages, tourniquets, blood glucose meters, dressings, antiseptic solutions

If you can volunteer your time or you are able to host an individual or family fleeing from Ukraine, tell fr Mark or contact

World Day of Prayer at the Dominicans

World Day of Prayer is an international movement of Christian people in many different traditions who have a continuing relationship of prayer and service. People from various denominations gather in one another’s churches to celebrate, using a Worship Service prepared by women of a different country each year. This year’s service on 4 March was prepared by women from England, Wales and Northern Ireland and  was held in Strasbourg in the Dominicans’ church. Grace Egesi from St. Alban’s helped prepare the service with its theme “Un avenir à espérer” based on Jeremiah 29, 11: “I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope.”  This theme resonated particularly in view of the Russian invasion of Ukraine a week earlier.


Confirmation with Bishop Richard Chartres

Sunday 27th February was a joyful occasion at St. Alban’s.  We celebrated the confirmation of five young people and adults: Roman Demptos, Chinomso Egesi, Louise Koenig, Nkechi Onwuzurumba and Ahayana Pollonais.  Bishop Richard Chartres, a former Bishop of London, conducted the service and conferred the sacrament of confirmation  through the laying of hands. The families of the newly confirmed celebrated the occasion with a wonderful feast.  Bishop Richard gave a talk afterwards on “Europe and the Church: a view from Westminster” (he has a seat in the House of Lords, and is responsible for ecumenical contacts with Orthodox churches), in which he described how the relationship between the Church and civic society has evolved and changed over the years.

Ahayana is confirmed

Bishop Richard and Roman, Chinomso, Louise, Nkechi and Ahayana.

Nuit des Religions – Evensong at the Dominicans

De nombreux événements sont organisés dans le cadre du Forum des Religions pour découvrir des traditions spirituelles différentes qui existent à Strasbourg.  Within the framework of the “Forum des Religions” in Strasbourg a number of events take place every year to explore the many different spiritual traditions which exist within the city.  One of these events is the  Night of Religions (Nuits des Religions)  which took place on 26th February. The Anglican Chaplaincy joined the Dominican community in their church, our place of worship for the past 50 years, for the service of Evensong.  A small group of singers from St. Alban’s contributed Anglican hymns and a setting of the Magnificat by Thomas Morley in Anglican chant to the service, while the Dominican brothers sang their traditional settings of  psalms and prayers. There is a distinct musical bond between both traditions, and it was a welcome opportunity to share the rich heritage of Anglican music with visitors from all over the city.  For St. Alban’s it was also another opportunity to explain the “middle way” that Anglicanism holds between the two major Christian denominations.


The singers.

Fr. Mark & Frère Jean-Francois welcome the     visitors.