Where to find Us

10h30 Sunday mornings
Eglise des Dominicains
41 Blvd de la Victoire, Strasbourg

Trams C E F Stop: Observatoire

Who We Are

We are people, not a building.
Many have English as our first language, for others it is the second or third.
Many of us are European or North American, many are African. Others are from Asia, Australia and New Zealand.
Some of us are here for a short time, others have been here for 30 years.
Our church belongs to the Anglican Communion but we are from many different Christian backgrounds and this is reflected in our worship.
Some of us are retired, others are not yet walking. Some of us are refugees, some are expatriates, others were born here. Some of us have families, others are here on their own.
We have all found a home in this church.

News & Views / Nouvelles

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Recent Posts

Café Meet-Up 13 April 9.00h

Café Meet-Up brings Anglicans from St. Alban’s and Lutherans from our partner church St. Pierre-le-Jeune together to enjoy breakfast, good company and conversation about topics which interest both communities. We meet on Saturday morning 13 April at 9.00am at the salle paroissale St. Pierre-le-Jeune at 3, rue de la…

Holy Week and Easter Services

Chapel of the Dominicans

Palm Sunday, 24th March
10h30 Palm Sunday Liturgy and Holy Eucharist

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy Week
house masses – times and locations to be announced

Saint Pierre-le-Jeune
Maundy Thursday / Jeudi Saint, 28th March
18h00 Liturgy and Holy Eucharist

Chapel of the Dominicans
Good Friday…