How can we give?

·      teaching Sunday School

·      making music

·      making coffee

·      visiting sick friends

·      washing dishes after church lunches

·      serving on committees

·      and much more…


St. Alban’s receives no financial subsidy, and depends entirely on your gifts and volunteer participation. Please consider making a regular donation to the ministries of St. Alban’s. If you pay French income tax your recorded contributions are tax-deductible.  For more information contact our Treasurer, Ms. Sophie Theys.

If you would like to make a donation, our bank account details are as follows:

Anglicane Strasbourg/Anglican Chaplaincy

Identification nationale (RIB): 30003 02369 00150 014598 38

Identification internationale (IBAN): FR76 3000 3023 6900 1500 1459 838

Bank code (BIC or SWIFT): SOGEFRPP

In addition to your giving to St. Alban’s Church, you are encouraged to support ACAS – l‘Association Caritative Anglicane de Strasbourg.  It is through ACAS that we can help projects in Madagascar (rebuilding an Anglican church damaged by cyclones), Pakistan (educating Christian girls and boys) and refugees in Strasbourg.

These are ACAS’ bank details:

Association Caritative Anglicane de Strasbourg

Identification nationale (RIB) 10278 01088 00020 23490 172

Identification internationale (IBAN): FR76 1027 8010 8800 0202 3490 172

Band code /BIC or SWIFT): CMCIFR2A