ACAS Dorlisheim Brocante

a record year

Our ACAS Charity Association will this year have a bumper display as people  have been exceptionally generous.  We had to use 11 full car loads to transport it all to Dorlisheim.

On Sunday 14th June, the whole village of Dorlisheim is organising a massive brocante, with lots of food stands and fun rides for the children. You can wander round the village to your heart’s content, looking for the elusive plate or cup you would like to complete Grandma’s service !!  Or yet another gnome for your garden collection!

Why not decide to come over and visit after church?  The ACAS core team, Anny, Johanna, Maryline, Pauline, Victoria and the Youth Club members have worked very hard to set everything up and they would love to see you there.

Especially this year, we are extremely grateful to Diane and John Murray for letting us use their yard and outbuildings again.  Your Charity Association needs your support.

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tout va toujours beaucoup mieux en chantant

tout va toujours beaucoup mieux en chantant

sorting bags, essential but tedious

sorting bags, essential but tedious

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The hard working ACAS team

The hard working ACAS team

Dorlisheim Brocante

This year the Dorlisheim brocante will be a record year, judging from the mountain of things stored in a member’s garage.

Three cars did 2 return trips to Dorlisheim this morning (June 7) and the garage is still half full (or half empty, depending !! 😉

Just to say that we would very much welcome any help in carrying and transporting on Saturday morning for the rest of the load.

  • 9.30 am onwards
  • NB if we are lucky and there are enough cars, we should finish the “shipping” part by midday, then there will be a lot of sorting out to do during the day.

Again spread the word if anybody is interested, we sure could do with a lot of help.

bonne semaine à tous et toutes