Lockdown – Confinement All Saints’ Day – Toussaint

Please note that St Alban’s regularly scheduled worship services will still take place this Sunday 1 November; at 09h40the Service of Holy Communion 1662 BCP, and at10h30 the Holy Eucharist for All Saints’. However, it is unclear what will be the directives for subsequent Sundays of the lockdown period. We will update this information as we know more details.
It is our understanding that while lockdown measures are being imposed on many sectors throughout the country, going to Sunday worship will be permitted for this week alone.The monthly Effata celebration, that was planned for this Sunday at Temple Neuf, has been cancelled for the month of November.Nos cultes réguliers – à 9h40 et à 10h40  l’eucharistie pour Toussaint –  seront assurés ce dimanche; cependant, on ne sait pas encore quelles seront les directives pour les dimanches suivants de la période du confinement. Nous vous tiendrons informés dès que nous en saurons plus.La célébration Effata, qui était prévue dimanche au Temple Neuf, a été annulée pour le mois de novembre.