Who we are

The Rev. Dr Mark Barwick

Mark Barwick came to St Alban’s in 2017 after living many years in Brussels, serving a local parish while also working with non-governmental organisations in the promotion of peace, reconciliation and human rights. For ten years he coordinated the Africa programme for the international Pax Christi movement.

Originally from Washington, DC, Mark studied French literature and history at the University of Nancy before entering seminary and pursuing ordination to the priesthood. He has a long experience in building ecumenical and inter religious relations. He is joined by his wife Corinna and their two children.

The Rev. John Murray

John Murray grew up in Manchester, England, but has spent most of his life in Alsace.  For many years he worked for the Council of Europe and during that time he was ordained as an Anglican priest. He was for a time priest-in-charge in Strasbourg and since then he has served for short periods in parishes in several different countries. He is also involved in the ecumenical activities of the Conference of European Churches , and is Co-chair of the Anglican-Roman Catholic Committee for France. John is married to Diane and they have a large family of children and grandchildren.

David Cowley

David Cowley, originally from Liverpool, England was a professor of Chemistry in Northern Ireland before coming to Strasbourg in 1990 as a scientist in pharmaceutical research.  Since 1979 he is a Reader ( licensed lay minister ) in the Anglican Church and continues to minister, preach and play guitar for our services.

Voahangy Ramananjatovo

Voahangy has lived in Strasbourg since 1979. She is licensed as a lay leader for services of prayer and worship, especially for the Malagasy community of St Alban’s.

Voahangy habite à Strasbourg depuis 1979.  Elle est autorisée d’animer les offices de prière et remplit d’autres fonctions liturgiques, en particulier pour la communauté malgache de St Alban.

Corinna Kreutz

As St Alban’s Environmental Officer, Corinna Kreutz is charged with encouraging our members to be good stewards of the Earth and its resources. Through education, awareness-building and actions,  St Alban’s aims to reduce our carbon footprint and become more responsible consumers in these times of environmental crisis.

Corinna Kreutz est chargée d’encourager nos membres à participer à la sauvegarde de la Terre et de ses ressources. Par l’éducation, la sensibilisation et les actions, St Alban’s vise à réduire notre empreinte carbone et à devenir des consommateurs responsables face à la crise environnementale de notre temps.