Freeing slaves – the Rev. Silas Lazar in Strasbourg, Wednesday 15 November

Catherine Emezie writes:
 Rev. Silas Lazar of the Mission Revival Church in Montreal is currently on a tour of Europe to create awareness and raise much needed funds for very important humanitarian projects in different cities in Pakistan. One of the main projects is buying the freedom of women, men and children living in bondage as debt payers from generation to generation, and forced to work in brick-making factories for a pittance. Once freed, these families are set up or trained to earn their living independently. Stories of Christian brick workers have made headlines every now and again (e.g. BBC) as some unfortunate couples have been murdered for various flimsy reasons.
Another of his projects in Pakistan concerns empowerment of women through small income schemes.
Time: Wednesday 15 November, 19h00.
Venue: Salle de l’eglise du Christ Ressucité (sous sol) , 4 rue de Palerme, Strasbourg (Esplanade)
Please come and support his ministry so that more families can be freed from slavery. Come, as you WILL be inspired!!
A variety of sweet and savoury snacks and drinks will be provided.
A SECOND meeting will take place on Friday 17 Nov. at 19h00 at L’eglise Lumières des Nations, 15-16 Nouvelle Cité, 67380 Lingolsheim
Should you wish to make a donation, please see below the bank details:
Account holder: Silas Lazar
National Bank
No. Banque 006
No. Transit 11521
No. Compte: 649003




La Peste en Madagascar / Plague in Madagascar: update. Visit of Princess Anne.

According to the latest WHO report, so far 127 people have died during the  recent outbreak of plague in Madagascar.  Over 1800 cases of infection have been reported, and it is feared that this number may increase, as the plague season normally lasts until April.  Plague is endemic in certain parts of the country, but the worrying thing about this outbreak is that now major cities and other non-endemic areas have been affected.

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From 23 to 25 October Princess Anne paid a visit to Madagascar.  She attended a Service of Thanksgiving to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Friendship between the United Kingdom and Madagascar at Saint Laurent Anglican Cathedral in Antananarivo, and visited charities and organisations of which she has close connections to, including Save The Children and conservation projects.