About Us

The congregation of St. Alban’s Church Strasbourg is part of the Diocese in Europe , one of the 42 dioceses which comprise the Church of England. We are part of the worldwide fellowship of Churches that is known collectively as the Anglican Communion. For more on Anglicanism, see Anglicanism.

The heart of our worship is the Holy Eucharist, in which we share in Christ’s life and are renewed in his spirit among us. We celebrate the Eucharist each Sunday at 10:30 am at the chapel of the Dominicans, just across from the University of Strasbourg. The Dominican brothers have graciously hosted Anglican worship for many years.

We seek to be an open and welcoming congregation. We come from many diverse backgrounds and experiences. Some are strong in faith. Others struggle to believe. Some know the Bible quite well. Others haven’t a clue where to begin!  Yet each of us finds a home at St Alban’s, where questions are allowed and we just try to figure it out together. Saints and sinners are welcome here – and to be honest, we’re all a bit of both.

Even still, we take seriously our responsibility to respect and care of one another and to create a safe environment for everyone. This is  St. Alban’s Safeguarding Policy

La congrégation de l’Église Anglicane de St. Alban à Strasbourg fait partie du Diocèse en Europe, l’un des 42 diocèses quie composent l’Église d’Angleterre.  Nous faisons partie de la communauté mondiale des Églises que est connue sous le nom collectif de la Communion Anglicane.  Pour savoir plus: Anglicanisme.
Le mot “anglican”provient d’ecclesia anglicana, une expression médiévale qui signifie l’église anglaise.  Cependant, la tradition anglicane es aujourd’hui suivie par quelque 85 millions de membres dans plus de 165 pays, dont la plupart n’ont pas l’anglaise comme langue maternelle!
Toutes et tous sont les bienvenus dans cette église – sans exception.
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Who’s Who

Church email contact: anglican.chaplaincy.strasbourg@gmail.com
Address: Aumônerie anglicane, 12 avenue de la Forêt Noire,  67000 Strasbourg.
Tel. +33 369 57 40 03
Mobile: +33 771 13 38 83.
Ministry Team
The Revd. Dr. Mark Barwick
The Revd. John Murray
The Rt. Revd. Vénuste Mutiganda
Ozichi Baron
David Cowley
Catherine Emezie
Voahangy Ramananjatovo


The Revd. Mark Barwick                  The Revd. John Murray


Ozichi Baron                              David Cowley                           Catherine Emezie

Pauline Dif. Tel. +33 676 80 30 17.  Email: paulinejoy.dif@gmail.com
Anny Samuels.  Tel.+33 388 84 65 80 Email: annysamuels@gmail.com
Church Council
Grace Egesi, Rufus Folaranmi, Victoria Jacob, Elisabeth Koonja,Denis Le Moullac,  John Parsons. Jean-Honoré Ramanitrarivo, Richard Ramafindratsima.

Archdeaconry Synod representatives: Ozichi Baron, Diane Murray.

Organist: Katherine Parsons
Sacristans: Kanjo Egesi, Benjamin Sesay
Sunday School: Dan Holtgen & Victoria Sérenque
Treasurer: Rufus Folaranmi


Our beautiful worship space, thanks to our kind hosts, the Dominicans