Bredele for sale for St. Alban’s charitable association

Maryline William-Smith writes:

Anny’s wonderful talents have given us this year an excellent charity calendar and under her wise management, the bredele baking team has had its best production year so far.

With grateful thanks to all those lovely people who participated recently in the baking and/or packaging sessions, I’d like to confirm that our best crop of Bredele yet will be available for sale after Church on the Sundays in Advent while stocks last.

There have been some minor breakages and so today during the packaging session we tasted the quality of the varieties  (well somebody has to!!)  and we could confirm that the biscuits are absolutely delicious this year.

So do come with a generous heart and help ACAS, your church charity association,  with plentiful purchases.

     The baking team at work – and the result.     

PS: Bredele, for newcomers, are spicy tasty biscuits that are baked during Advent in Alsace and are an indispensible ingredient of an Alsatian Christmas.   Anny Samuels is an accomplished Bredele artist.


Outbreak of plague in Madagascar / Épidémie de la peste en Madagascar

Our Malgache fellow-Anglicans are deeply worried about an outbreak of plague in Madagascar.  According to the WHO, the outbreak has spread to the capital and port towns, infecting more than 100 people in just a few weeks. The WHO is rapidly scaling up its response to the crisis.  The Strasbourg Malgache community has been supporting the rebuilding of an Anglican church at Foulpointe, near Tamatave, one of the coastal cities already affected.

The Malgache Worship Leader Voahangy Ramananjatovo writes :

“Endémique à Madagascar, la peste est responsable du décès de 19 personnes ces deux derniers mois, selon un dernier bilan communiqué jeudi par le ministère de la Santé.

« Nous avons enregistré 104 cas suspects de peste, dont 19 décès dans tout Madagascar », a annoncé le ministre de la Santé, le professeur Mamy Lalatiana Andriamanarivo. Soit une augmentation substantielle du nombre de décès depuis le précédent bilan officiel de l’épidémie, communiqué mi-septembre, qui faisait alors état de cinq morts.

« Cette année, la saison pesteuse a commencé assez tôt et de manière brutale », a souligné le ministre. Alors que la peste se manifeste généralement d’octobre à mars dans la Grande Île, le premier décès a été enregistré le 28 août. Après avoir contracté la maladie à Ankazobe, dans le centre du pays, le malade est mort dans un taxi-brousse à Moramanga alors qu’il tentait de rejoindre Tamatave, une localité située sur la côte est.

Mouvement de panique

Chemin faisant, il a contaminé deux passagers, décédés début septembre. Une succession de cas à l’origine d’un mouvement de panique, surtout à Tamatave, qui n’a pas connu la peste depuis cent ans, selon le ministère. Les pharmacies de la ville ont d’ailleurs été prises d’assaut par les habitants.

Avec deux décès, la capitale malgache, Antananarivo, n’est pas épargnée. Parmi les victimes, « une petite fille qui venait d’assister à un famadihana (tradition malgache de retournement des morts) à Fianarantsoa (centre) », a indiqué le ministère.

La peste réapparaît presque chaque année à Madagascar depuis 1980, à la faveur de la saison des pluies, de la tradition de « retournement des morts » et de la recrudescence des feux de brousse, selon le ministère. Développée chez les rats, puis véhiculée par les puces, la bactérie de la peste peut être foudroyante sous sa forme pneumonique – transmissible par la toux – en tuant son hôte en seulement 24 à 72 heures. Sa forme bubonique se soigne, si traitée à temps, avec des antibiotiques.”



Church Lunch at Baggersee 8th October 2017

The Churchwardens Denis Le Moullac & Pauline Dif write:
It is now the time of year when we start back to work and school. St. Alban’s Church too will begin a new and important phase in its life. This autumn we will be welcoming into our church family a new priest-in-charge Mark Barwick, his wife Corinna, and their two young children Madeleine and Elias. Mark will take his first church service with us on October 1.

We would like to use the occasion of our Annual Church Lunch at the Baggersee to introduce him and his family to our varied and diverse congregation in a memorable happy celebration together.
The lunch will be held after church on Sunday October 8 at the Baggersee venue (in a park on a large lake to the south of the Meinau, and a 10-minute walk from the tram stop “Hohwart” on the A line in the direction of Graffenstaden, along the rue du Languedoc).
It will take the form of a “pot-luck” meal. You are all warmly invited to attend and to contribute in bringing food and drink to share with everyone. There will be a list on display at the back of the church over the next few Sundays on which to indicate what you intend to contribute. You may also contact Pauline Dif (tel. ) or Anny Samuels (tel. to find out what may be needed.
During the lunch there will be a Tombola draw, with a good selection of prizes. The proceeds will go to help the work of ACAS, the church’s charitable and outward-giving association.

Come on Sunday October 8 to enjoy a good time together as a church community and to meet our new chaplain and his family informally over a convivial meal .

Fighting modern slavery in Pakistan – presentation on 6 September.

The Rev. Silas Lazar, from the Mission Revival Church in Montreal, Canada, is currently touring  Europe as part of his ministry to raise support for his particular project in Pakistan.  His concern is with persecuted families (women, children) working in brick-making factories in different parts of Pakistan who are mistreated, tortured, kept under bondage as debt payers from generation to generation, and are denied freedom.  The Rev. Silas Lazar is the author of many Christian books; his most recent release is entitled “Remove your mountain by releasing your power” and is available as an e-book.

His tour will take him to Paris, Geneva, Marseille and Brussels, where he will present his project: beginning with the release of families from bondage it aims to reinstate them in the main-stream community.  On 6th September he will be in Strasbourg to publicise this project at the home of the Jacobs family.

An open invitation is extended to anyone who would like to find out more about his work to join the Jacobs family on 6th September, 2017 at 5 rue de Wallonie, Apartment 4, 67000 Strasbourg at 12.00h (lunch will be served); the presentation should end at 13:30h.

Please let the Jacobs know if you can come – by email to: or or

Tel. 06 68 74 07 20.



Children Sleepover 29-30 April

                      Aumônerie anglicane de Strasbourg
                                                                                           Anglican Chaplaincy Strasbourg
                                           Association à but cultuel inscrite au Registre des Associations
                                                                                   du Tribunal d’Instance de Strasbourg,
                                                                      Vol. LXXII, Folio N° 114, Dossier N° 229/1995

                                                                                   15 rue d’Austerlitz, 67000 Strasbourg
                                                                                                                                                                      Tél. 06 24 33 16 16


On a beautiful December day, we went for a trip in the Vosges looking for a chalet site able to welcome our « Children Sleepover » 2017.  After a rather inconclusive first attempt, we finally discovered a chalet fulfilling all our expectations.

It is the « chalet des Amis de la Nature de la Chaume des Veaux » high above Hohwald. At 980 m above sea level, near the « Champ du Feu » ski resort, the house can be reached in all seasons via the Kreutzweg pass. The house offers 80 beds, split between 28 rooms of capacity for 2 up to 6.  There are two big dining rooms, one called Le Ranch seating 35, the other one can seat 70, and the kitchen is well equipped.

It is an ideal child friendly site:  they can play outside without any risk as there is no major road in the neighbourhood.  In case of rain, there are tables for games such as “baby foot” (table football)  and table tennis.

The ramblers will also be delighted as there are plenty of footpaths.  The view from the magnificent terrace and the quiet surroundings alone ma

To get there, please take the Strasbourg-Colmar motorway, take the exit Mittelbergheim-Andlau, drive through Andlau and Hohwald (in the direction of Champ du Feu) after the village, turn to the right at the panel indicating Chalet des Amis de la Nature.

We will be able to spend a weekend devoted to our children and friends, in God’s Grace. ke the trip worth while.

We have confirmed our booking for the weekend of 29th & 30th April.  Their rates enable us to offer even better tariffs than last year.

The weekend will cost 15 Euros per adult, 12 Euros per child up to 18 years of age, accommodation and food included.  We have set up a family offer for 40 Euros.  People joining us only for a day will contribute 5 Euros to the costs of meals and rental costs of the premises.

Please note that you will have to bring your sheets and pillow cases (or a sleeping bag). The detailed programme will be sent out later on.

Registration form

Surname:  ………………………………………………………………………….   first name:…………………………………………………………………………..


Number of people: ………………………………..


Will come for:                       –        the whole weekend (*)

(*) circle your choice           –       only on the Saturday

–       only on the Sunday.

Is planning to bring the following contribution to the meals (or drinks):



Is willing to help out on the following tasks: ……………………………


(Example: preparing meals, washing up, cleaning the reception areas before departure, leisure activities, etc.)


Please do register as soon as possible with either Pauline Dif or Anny Samuels.

Chalet details: tel. 03 88 69 36 16 – email:

website: (for further information).


Chalet details: tel. 03 88 69 36 16 – email:

website: (for further information).

Saturday 18 March: Evening of Music for CASAS at Munsterhof

CASAS ( Collectif d’accueil pour les solliciteurs d’asile à Strasbourg) is one of the local organisations which St. Alban’s has been supporting for very many years.  Thanks to the practical and expert support of CASAS many members of our congregation who arrived in Strasbourg as refugees have been granted asylum and found their place in French society. CASAS has existed for over 30 years, but since the introduction of new asylum legislation in 2016 many of its state subsidies have been cut (see for further details.)
We know at first-hand how important the work of CASAS is; we feel it is vital to do what we can to ensure that it continues to exist.  Therefore St. Alban’s is activating its impressively diverse creative potential to raise funds for the organisation.  St. Alban’s charitable organisation, ACAS,   invites everyone to an Evening of Music for CASAS on Saturday 18 March 2017 at 19.00h at the Munsterhof, 9 rue des Juifs, Strasbourg.   Entrance is free, finger food and drinks are on sale, and donations are requested. All proceeds from the Evening will be donated to CASAS.

Soirée caritative au profit des sinistrés de Foulpointe, Madagascar, 5. novembre 2016

On Sunday 11 September 2016 disaster struck again in Foulpointe, a small coastal town in eastern Madagascar. For the second time since 2009 a fire broke out and destroyed many of the traditional houses, which in this region are roofed with thatch made of the fronds of the traveller’s palm (ravinala madagascariensis), known locally as falafa.  The Anglican priest in Foulpointe, the Rev. Tongasoa, was one of the many made homeless by the fire.  He has opened the Anglican church of Foulpointe to house five families, but the church building itself can only offer rudimentary shelter: in 2014 it was destroyed in a cyclone.  St. Alban’s donated money then to provide building materials for the church, and at least in the meantime  a new roof has been built.  However, the  families now housed there have lost everything; in particular they need cooking utensils, and of course the means to rebuild their houses.

That is why ACAMA, the association of Malgache Anglicans in Alsace, is organising a Soirée Caritative on Saturday 5 November 2016 in the Salle des Fêtes du Baggersee at lllkirch. (see attached flyer).

flyer-recto-acama flyer-verso-acama-1

Starting at 21.00h there will be music (provided by Hazo Ala) and delicious Malagache food.  All are invited to attend and combine having a good time with supporting a fellow Anglican community.  Donations are welcomed to ACAMA (details below), tax receipts are available if required.

The Anglican Church of the Virgin Mary in Foulpointe is very dear to the hearts of the Malgache Anglicans in Strasbourg, as Foulpointe (originally known as Hopeful, then Walk-on Point) was where the first Anglican missionaries to Madagascar landed in 1864. The Rev. William Hey and the Rev. John Holding of the S.P.G. (Society for the Propagation of the Gospel) were in their mid-twenties when they arrived. Hey set up a small Mission church in a village 12 miles south of Tamatave, on the eastern coast, where today there is a stele of remembrance, and with Holding translated parts of the Book of Common Prayer into Malagasy.

“Hey died soon from the effects of the climate and the hardships to which he was exposed; and Holding, after repeated attacks of fever, had to return in 1969 to England permanently … For several years Holding was the only ordained missionary of the Church of England, ‘clergyman, schoolmaster, musician, printer, doctor and general manager; and yet he made good progress.  (

As Voahangy Ramanajatovo, the Anglican Malgache Worship Leader in Strasbourg, writes: “We wish to continue to help this church exist which is a part of the religious heritage of the Anglicans in Madagascar”.

ACAMA Alsace, CCM Plaine de la Bruche, 1 quai du Moulin,  67120 Duttlenheim

IBAN: FR76 1027 8012 2300 0200 2310 151             BIC: CMCIFR2A

Baking Bredele and enjoying the authentic Christmas taste of Alsace

Christmas in Alsace is unthinkable without Bredele (literally “little breads” in Alsatian), those melt-in-your-mouth, savour-the-flavour little biscuits that make pre-Christmas weight-watching so difficult to keep up.  They are made to an infinite variety of different recipes, often handed down from generation to generation of baking mothers and daughters, and consist mainly of ground nuts and coconut, eggs, spices, chocolate,  flour and sugar.   We are fortunate indeed to have in our Church a proven mistress of the art of Bredele baking, Anny Samuels.  And she will be happy to share the secret of perfect Bredele baking with all those interested  – for a good cause, bien entendu.  The Bredele then baked by afficionados on three Saturdays in November and December will be on sale after church in the coffee room on Sundays 11th and 18th December.  The proceeds will go to help the  charitable projects our Church supports.

All are welcome to join in !  Baking Bredele is a wonderful way to be creative and see the results of one’s labours, enjoy good company and  have a good laugh.

The Grand Bredele Countdown:

Saturday 19 November             Introduction to Bredele baking    chez Anny Samuels, 13 rue de Landsberg, 67100 Strasbourg

Saturday 26 November             Baking Bredele                                chez Irène Neuschwander, 17 rue Ste. Marguerite, 67201 Eckbolsheim

Saturday 3 December                Baking Bredele                                chez Rev. Christine Bloomfield, 28 rue Principale, 67270 Kienheim

Saturday 10 December              Baking Bredele                                chez Anny Samuels, 13 rue de Landsberg, 67100 Strasbourg

Sale of Bredele:

Sundays 11 and 18 December           after church in coffee room after Sunday Eucharist, Église des Dominicains,



16 October Sunday Hamper – Panier du dimanche

Sunday morning is often a stressful time for parents: not only do they have the kids (and themselves)  to get out of bed and to church on time, but there’s also the Sunday lunch to think about.  At least the Sunday lunch on 16 October shouldn’t be a problem if you take advantage of our offer of the Sunday hamper, the Panier du dimanche.  It’s all there: entrée, main course and pudding. Samusas, spicy chicken wings and the most delicious meat balls you will ever taste (courtesy of Victoria and Voahangy), Chicken Biryani or a variety of quiches (courtesy of Victoria, Christine,  Johanna and Cecilia), Tiramisu, Swiss Roll or Panna Cotta (courtesy of Fida Marie, Emmanuel Mente and Johanna)  All you have to do is to order it.  And that you can do by placing  your order by email to by Thursday 13 October at the latest. You can find more details and the prices on the attachment below  “bon de commande ACAS”

The money you give for your Sunday Hamper/Panier du dimanche goes to people in need in France, Madagascar and Pakistan, to suport causes that the charitable association of our church ACAS has adopted in our name.  The more you give, the more we can do, for instance to alleviate the need of the Anglican church and people in Foulpointe, Madagascar, whose town was recently ravaged  by a fire.

And should you want to order a Sunday Hamper/Panier du dimanche for another date, you can contact Victoria, Cecilia, Christine Bloomfield and Emmanuel Mente and arrange for them to provide their dish when you need it.   Maryline Neuschwander can provide their contact details.


ACAS Management report 2015

ACAS is the association which implements the philanthropic work of the Church. It is the tangible expression in the city and the world of our church’s love and care for those in need. The association organizes a series of activities throughout the year to raise funds, which it then distributes across several projects both in Strasbourg and in the world. The association depends on Church members’ involvement and contributions to be able to offer help to those who are in need of support.

Projects supported by ACAS

In 2015 we were able to finance tuition fees for students in Pakistan, which is a project which started some years ago and has good results. In Madagascar, we continued the support to the Church in Foulpointe as we had committed to do last year, and we also supported this year the Tananarive School. ACAS sends money each year for the Bishop’s Appeal; last year we were able to contribute both to the Lent and the Advent Appeals. The Lent Appeal focused on assisting migrants in Athens, while the Advent Appeal focused on the Apostoli and Lighthouse refugee relief projects in Greece on the islands of Lesvos, Chios, Samos and Kos.

Locally we supported both CASAS and the CIMADE, which are organizations which help migrants and asylum seekers here in Strasbourg. We exceptionally supported a Haitian medical student, who was facing huge difficulties in financing his studies. He managed to pass his exams and is now continuing his studies. We also raised funds to support the work organized by the Fédération d’Entraide Protestante (FEP) to help Syrian refugees cope with the trauma of war and exile via psychological support. Unfortunately, so far very few refugees have arrived in Strasbourg and the psychologist the FEP intended to hire was not needed, so this money has not yet been allocated. In case the needs for Syrian refugee support in Strasbourg do not increase in 2016 we will donate the funds to an organisation supporting Syrian refugees elsewhere.

Contributions to ACAS

Everyone can contribute to the charitable work of the Church by:

*             volunteering for activities organised by ACAS, such as collecting items for the Dorlisheim flea market, bringing items from Strasbourg to Dorlisheim, manning the stand at the flea market, tidying, bringing unsold material to Emmaus,       joining the bredele cooking task force, joining the ACAS Burns’ Night team which operates the bar at this yearly event of the English speaking community, initiating a new fundraising activity or organising an activity to support or bring comfort to vulnerable people.

*             buying items sold by the charity, e.g. products from the Sunday Hampers, Christmas cookies, Christmas cards, raffle tickets, calendars or, in the coming year, also bookmarks

*             contributing in kind and donating items for the Dorlisheim flea market or the raffle, preparing food for the Sunday Hampers, sending pictures for the calendar

*             donating funds to the ACAS association.  ACAS being a “organisation à but non lucratif” it can receive donations and issue tax receipts. An official registering procedure with the Préfecture called “procédure de rescrit fiscal” will be finalised soon in order to make doubly sure that members never have any problems with the tax authorities.