CHURCH FINANCES: What do you know?

What was the financial state of the church over 2018?

The total income received of 53 415 Euro was not sufficient to meet the total expenses of 64 829 Euro ; thus a deficit of 11 414 Euro had to be taken out of reserves. The difference corresponds to a shortfall of nearly 250 Euro per week!

What will be the state of church finances in 2019?

That is in your hands ………  with increased commitment to regular giving being essential.  Currently, over the first part of the year, we have been running a deficit of about 1200 Euro per month, even though we are not incurring exceptional expenses.

It is time for positive action to move the tide in the right direction so that the work and witness of our church community can prosper with God’s help.

Church finances: What do you know?

What is the largest expense in our church budget?

It is the rental costs of the flat at 12 avenue de la Forêt Noire at 1800 € per month (21 600 € per year).  This is not only the home for our priest and his family; it also serves as an essential church office base, the legal siège de l’association cultuelle and for various church activities.