SAVE THE DATE 10 December: Installation of St. Alban’s new Priest-in-Charge

The Rt. Rev. Robert Innes, Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe, will join us in worship on 10 December for the installation and licencing of the Revd. Mark Barwick as Priest-in-Charge of St. Alban’s Church Strasbourg.
Other church leaders, ecumenical partners and local authorities will also be present.  Plan now to join us for this joyous occasion.


Bishop Robert in procession


Freeing slaves – the Rev. Silas Lazar in Strasbourg, Wednesday 15 November

Catherine Emezie writes:
 Rev. Silas Lazar of the Mission Revival Church in Montreal is currently on a tour of Europe to create awareness and raise much needed funds for very important humanitarian projects in different cities in Pakistan. One of the main projects is buying the freedom of women, men and children living in bondage as debt payers from generation to generation, and forced to work in brick-making factories for a pittance. Once freed, these families are set up or trained to earn their living independently. Stories of Christian brick workers have made headlines every now and again (e.g. BBC) as some unfortunate couples have been murdered for various flimsy reasons.
Another of his projects in Pakistan concerns empowerment of women through small income schemes.
Time: Wednesday 15 November, 19h00.
Venue: Salle de l’eglise du Christ Ressucité (sous sol) , 4 rue de Palerme, Strasbourg (Esplanade)
Please come and support his ministry so that more families can be freed from slavery. Come, as you WILL be inspired!!
A variety of sweet and savoury snacks and drinks will be provided.
A SECOND meeting will take place on Friday 17 Nov. at 19h00 at L’eglise Lumières des Nations, 15-16 Nouvelle Cité, 67380 Lingolsheim
Should you wish to make a donation, please see below the bank details:
Account holder: Silas Lazar
National Bank
No. Banque 006
No. Transit 11521
No. Compte: 649003




La Peste en Madagascar / Plague in Madagascar: update. Visit of Princess Anne.

According to the latest WHO report, so far 127 people have died during the  recent outbreak of plague in Madagascar.  Over 1800 cases of infection have been reported, and it is feared that this number may increase, as the plague season normally lasts until April.  Plague is endemic in certain parts of the country, but the worrying thing about this outbreak is that now major cities and other non-endemic areas have been affected.

More information:

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From 23 to 25 October Princess Anne paid a visit to Madagascar.  She attended a Service of Thanksgiving to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Friendship between the United Kingdom and Madagascar at Saint Laurent Anglican Cathedral in Antananarivo, and visited charities and organisations of which she has close connections to, including Save The Children and conservation projects.


Outbreak of plague in Madagascar / Épidémie de la peste en Madagascar

Our Malgache fellow-Anglicans are deeply worried about an outbreak of plague in Madagascar.  According to the WHO, the outbreak has spread to the capital and port towns, infecting more than 100 people in just a few weeks. The WHO is rapidly scaling up its response to the crisis.  The Strasbourg Malgache community has been supporting the rebuilding of an Anglican church at Foulpointe, near Tamatave, one of the coastal cities already affected.

The Malgache Worship Leader Voahangy Ramananjatovo writes :

“Endémique à Madagascar, la peste est responsable du décès de 19 personnes ces deux derniers mois, selon un dernier bilan communiqué jeudi par le ministère de la Santé.

« Nous avons enregistré 104 cas suspects de peste, dont 19 décès dans tout Madagascar », a annoncé le ministre de la Santé, le professeur Mamy Lalatiana Andriamanarivo. Soit une augmentation substantielle du nombre de décès depuis le précédent bilan officiel de l’épidémie, communiqué mi-septembre, qui faisait alors état de cinq morts.

« Cette année, la saison pesteuse a commencé assez tôt et de manière brutale », a souligné le ministre. Alors que la peste se manifeste généralement d’octobre à mars dans la Grande Île, le premier décès a été enregistré le 28 août. Après avoir contracté la maladie à Ankazobe, dans le centre du pays, le malade est mort dans un taxi-brousse à Moramanga alors qu’il tentait de rejoindre Tamatave, une localité située sur la côte est.

Mouvement de panique

Chemin faisant, il a contaminé deux passagers, décédés début septembre. Une succession de cas à l’origine d’un mouvement de panique, surtout à Tamatave, qui n’a pas connu la peste depuis cent ans, selon le ministère. Les pharmacies de la ville ont d’ailleurs été prises d’assaut par les habitants.

Avec deux décès, la capitale malgache, Antananarivo, n’est pas épargnée. Parmi les victimes, « une petite fille qui venait d’assister à un famadihana (tradition malgache de retournement des morts) à Fianarantsoa (centre) », a indiqué le ministère.

La peste réapparaît presque chaque année à Madagascar depuis 1980, à la faveur de la saison des pluies, de la tradition de « retournement des morts » et de la recrudescence des feux de brousse, selon le ministère. Développée chez les rats, puis véhiculée par les puces, la bactérie de la peste peut être foudroyante sous sa forme pneumonique – transmissible par la toux – en tuant son hôte en seulement 24 à 72 heures. Sa forme bubonique se soigne, si traitée à temps, avec des antibiotiques.”



Church Lunch at Baggersee 8th October 2017

The Churchwardens Denis Le Moullac & Pauline Dif write:
It is now the time of year when we start back to work and school. St. Alban’s Church too will begin a new and important phase in its life. This autumn we will be welcoming into our church family a new priest-in-charge Mark Barwick, his wife Corinna, and their two young children Madeleine and Elias. Mark will take his first church service with us on October 1.

We would like to use the occasion of our Annual Church Lunch at the Baggersee to introduce him and his family to our varied and diverse congregation in a memorable happy celebration together.
The lunch will be held after church on Sunday October 8 at the Baggersee venue (in a park on a large lake to the south of the Meinau, and a 10-minute walk from the tram stop “Hohwart” on the A line in the direction of Graffenstaden, along the rue du Languedoc).
It will take the form of a “pot-luck” meal. You are all warmly invited to attend and to contribute in bringing food and drink to share with everyone. There will be a list on display at the back of the church over the next few Sundays on which to indicate what you intend to contribute. You may also contact Pauline Dif (tel. ) or Anny Samuels (tel. to find out what may be needed.
During the lunch there will be a Tombola draw, with a good selection of prizes. The proceeds will go to help the work of ACAS, the church’s charitable and outward-giving association.

Come on Sunday October 8 to enjoy a good time together as a church community and to meet our new chaplain and his family informally over a convivial meal .

Fighting modern slavery in Pakistan – presentation on 6 September.

The Rev. Silas Lazar, from the Mission Revival Church in Montreal, Canada, is currently touring  Europe as part of his ministry to raise support for his particular project in Pakistan.  His concern is with persecuted families (women, children) working in brick-making factories in different parts of Pakistan who are mistreated, tortured, kept under bondage as debt payers from generation to generation, and are denied freedom.  The Rev. Silas Lazar is the author of many Christian books; his most recent release is entitled “Remove your mountain by releasing your power” and is available as an e-book.

His tour will take him to Paris, Geneva, Marseille and Brussels, where he will present his project: beginning with the release of families from bondage it aims to reinstate them in the main-stream community.  On 6th September he will be in Strasbourg to publicise this project at the home of the Jacobs family.

An open invitation is extended to anyone who would like to find out more about his work to join the Jacobs family on 6th September, 2017 at 5 rue de Wallonie, Apartment 4, 67000 Strasbourg at 12.00h (lunch will be served); the presentation should end at 13:30h.

Please let the Jacobs know if you can come – by email to: or or

Tel. 06 68 74 07 20.



Earlier start of All Age Worship on 3 September

The services on Sunday 3 September, the first Sunday of the month, have been rearranged – for the best of good reasons.  At 11.00am Mary and Endurance will be celebrating their wedding and the baptism of their child; all are invited to take part in the ceremony and stay afterwards for a reception in the Centre Mounier.

As a result, the usual communion service according to the Book of Common Prayer will not take place on 3 September, but instead on the following Sunday, 10 September, at 9.40am.

The service of All Age Worship will begin half an hour earlier than usual, at 10.00am, in time to the wedding to start at 11.00am.

Golden opportunity for singers – Choral Evensong in Paris

The Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) has a branch in France, and organises Singing Days for choral enthusiasts led by excellent conductors.  On 21 October 2017 it is organising a National Festival at the American Cathedral in Paris to sing Choral Evensong there, and one of the world’s leading church musicians, Malcolm Archer, will be directing it.  He has has enjoyed a distinguished career in cathedral music, which has taken him to posts at Norwich, Bristol, Wells Cathedrals and then Director of Music at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.  He is now Director of Chapel Music at Winchester College in Hampshire.

Singers who enrol receive the music ahead of time so that they can prepare for a day of rigorous but exhilarating rehearsals, culminating in the service of Choral Evensong.  Anyone who is interested can take part.  Thanks to the good TGV connection between Strasbourg and Paris the trip can easily be done in one day.   A booking form is attached.

RSCM Booking form 21.10.17


New Priest-in-Charge for St. Alban’s

On 1st October we will welcome the next chaplain of St Alban’s, the Revd Dr Mark Barwick, who comes to us from All Saints’ Church in Waterloo, Belgium.

Fr Mark has been described by some as a tender of sacred fires, referring to his work as a teacher, spiritual guide and retreat leader. He also brings considerable experience in building ecumenical and interfaith relations.

He has worked for more than twenty years for non-governmental organisations in the promotion of justice, peace and human dignity, particularly in African countries. He has been policy adviser for several international organisations and a regular presenter at the European Parliament and other European institutions.

Originally from Washington, DC, Mark comes with his wife Corinna, from Essen, Germany, daughter Madeleine (age 6) and son Elias (age 3).

Revd. Dr. Mark Barwick     

Summer locum priest

Once again the Revd. John Murray has agreed to act as locum priest during the summer months of July and August, and we are very grateful to him for that.  His contact details are on the  “About us” page on this website under the heading “Who is Who.”  The best way to get in touch with him is by phone or email.

     The Revd. John Murray.