Rencontre Groupe jeunes adultes vendredi 23 novembre

La prochaine rencontre des jeunes adultes de St Alban avec ceux de la paroisse St Matthieu aura lieu ce vendredi à 20h15 au 12 avenue de la Forêt Noire. Nous abordons des thèmes qui nous intéressent au croisement entre la vie, l’actualité et la foi. Le débat se déroule dans un esprit convivial et ouvert sur toute conviction, croyante ou non.

Chaplaincy Council Meeting 30 October

St Albans’s Chaplaincy Council met on Tuesday 30 Ocotber at 12 avenue de la Forêt Noire. A full report will be later available upon request. Here are some key points to note:
Recent Activities: – 30th September reception of two new Readers, Ozichi Baron and Catherine Emezee.  Regretfully, Ozichi and her family will soon be moving to Brussels. We wish them all the best in their next home.
Hearty thanks to Victoria Jacob, Anny Samuels and all those who helped provide an excellent lunch at Baggersee on 14th October. Thanks also to David Cowley and Pauline Dif for their clear presentation on stewardship and the financial situation of the Chaplaincy.
Upcoming –  Remembrance Day activities, including Brother Samuel SSF preaching at St Alban’s on that day.
Various preparations for Advent and Christmas activities were also discussed. Information and dates will be published shortly.
Ministry Team – Departures of Christine Bloomfield and Ozichi Baron leave questions on how to effectively organise pastoral ministries in future. Formation of a lay pastoral visitors team under consideration.
Renovation of Centre Mounier (next door) – Various options being explored for finding space during this period, beginning April 2019 and lasting some 18 months.
Sunday School – Additional workers are sorely needed at present. Safeguarding protocol will be in effect.
Finances – Steps are clearly needed to address the running deficit of the Chaplaincy and to ensure its long-term financial health. Better communication is needed to make the situation known.
The next meeting of St Alban’s Chaplaincy Council will take place on Tuesday 15th January. A provisional date for the 2019 AGM has been set for Sunday 31st March.