Locum priests at St. Alban’s

Since our last Priest-in-Charge left in February 2013, we have been blest with a succession of locums, that is, priests who come for anything between 3 weeks and 3 months, lead our worship, inspire us with their sermons, care for those in need and generally make an important contribution to the spiritual life of St. Alban’s .
We are very grateful to our resident clergy, the Revd John Murray and the Revd Christine Bloomfield, who undertake locum duties themselves and, very importantly, support those locums who are new to St. Alban’s. Our Reader, David Cowley, is another pillar of strength and leads the Early Call Prayer Breakfasts on the third Sunday of the month. And we always appreciate the ministry of Bishop Venuste whenever his arduous work schedule makes that possible.
The Revd John Murray has very generously covered the services over the summer. His tenth and last Sunday was on 6th September.
From 13th September until 4th October we welcome back the Revd Roger Wikeley, who was with us last in May. It will be his third visit and we are glad that he is coming.
From 11th October until 1st November our locum is the Revd Robert Ferguson, a native of the Isle of Man, who will be coming straight to Strasbourg from Fontainebleu where he will also have acted as locum.
From 8th November until 27th December the Revd Peter Jordan and his wife Barbara will be with us, and we are very grateful to them for agreeing to spend the Christmas festival at St. Alban’s, in spite of having a large family back home near Liverpool. Peter was Chaplain in Barcelona for many years.
In the meantime the search for a new Priest-in-Charge continues. A new permanent appointment is important to ensure continuity and sustained development, and to help St. Alban’s grow and flourish.

Sarah Palmer.