Baptism of Louis Chinedum Alexandre Baron

Ozichi and Alex Baron invite all members of St. Alban’s to attend the baptism of their son Louis Chinedum Alexandre on Saturday 23 July at 4 pm at the Eglise des Dominicains, 41 bld de la Victoire, and welcome with them this new member of our Anglican church.

Ozichi Baron et Alex Baron sont heureux de vous inviter tous au baptême de leur fils Louis Chinedum Alexandre à notre Eglise Anglicane, “Eglise des Dominicains”, Boulevard de la Victoire, le samedi 23 juillet 2016 à 16h00.


Pastoral Letter from Bishop Robert

The Bishop in Europe, the Right Reverend Dr.Robert Innes, has written a Pastoral Letter to everyone in the Diocese in Europe concerning the implications of the UK vote to leave the EU in the recent Referendum.
He writes:
“The UK’s Referendum on EU membership is one of the most significant political events of our time, for British people and for Europeans more generally. For some it is seen as an opportunity, for many others of us it has generated profound feelings of sadness, grief and shock. These feelings may exist within the membership of our chaplaincies and if so need to be recognised. We encourage you to talk to your clergy about what has happened, and to seek mutual support andunderstanding.”
You can read the entire letter on the Diocesan website by following this link: