16 October Sunday Hamper – Panier du dimanche

Sunday morning is often a stressful time for parents: not only do they have the kids (and themselves)  to get out of bed and to church on time, but there’s also the Sunday lunch to think about.  At least the Sunday lunch on 16 October shouldn’t be a problem if you take advantage of our offer of the Sunday hamper, the Panier du dimanche.  It’s all there: entrée, main course and pudding. Samusas, spicy chicken wings and the most delicious meat balls you will ever taste (courtesy of Victoria and Voahangy), Chicken Biryani or a variety of quiches (courtesy of Victoria, Christine,  Johanna and Cecilia), Tiramisu, Swiss Roll or Panna Cotta (courtesy of Fida Marie, Emmanuel Mente and Johanna)  All you have to do is to order it.  And that you can do by placing  your order by email to maryline.neuschwander@orange.de by Thursday 13 October at the latest. You can find more details and the prices on the attachment below  “bon de commande ACAS”

The money you give for your Sunday Hamper/Panier du dimanche goes to people in need in France, Madagascar and Pakistan, to suport causes that the charitable association of our church ACAS has adopted in our name.  The more you give, the more we can do, for instance to alleviate the need of the Anglican church and people in Foulpointe, Madagascar, whose town was recently ravaged  by a fire.

And should you want to order a Sunday Hamper/Panier du dimanche for another date, you can contact Victoria, Cecilia, Christine Bloomfield and Emmanuel Mente and arrange for them to provide their dish when you need it.   Maryline Neuschwander can provide their contact details.