Regards croisés sur la Reforme

This is the title of a series of evening meetings organised by the local Strasbourg Catholic and Protestant parishes in cooperation with St. Alban’s to mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. The second session will be about the development of Anglicanism.  The talks will be given in French.
Monday 6 March:  Il y a 500 ans, la Reforme.
20.15h, Eglise du Christ Ressuscité, 4 rue de Palerme.  Speakers: Anne Heintz and Jean Arbogast.
Monday 13 March: La Réforme ou les Réformes? La famille anglicane.
2015h, Eglise St. Matthieu, 97 bld. d’Anvers.  Speakers: Christine Bloomfield and John Murray.
Monday 27 March: Chrétiens ensemble aujourd’hui: témoins d’actions et d’accords oecuméniques
20.15h, Eglise St. Bernard, 4 bld. J-S. Bach.