Sermon series on James in September

The Letter of James – Practical Christianity
‘James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ.’ So begins this brief writing of the New Testament, penned during a time of mounting difficulties for the early Christian movement. Its overall theme is perseverance to live consistently what we say we believe. James is full of practical instruction on doing just that: applying the Gospel to everyday life.
You are encouraged to study prayerfully the Letter of James over the coming weeks. Each Sunday’s sermon in September will be based on the readings that are taken from James. Here below is a simple outline of the main points. The passages which appear in bold are those that will be read on Sundays.
1.1       Salutation
1.2-16   Rejoicing in trials
1.17-27 Be doers of the word and not just hearers (2 September)
2.1-17   Partiality and the royal law of love (9 September)
2.18-26 Faith and works
3.1-12   Taming the tongue (16 September)
3.13-4.12 Befriending the world (23 September)
4.13-17    Trusting the Lord
5.1-6        The folly of riches
5.7-12      Patience
5.13-20    The prayer of faith (30 September)