Church finances: What do you know?

What is the largest expense in our church budget?

It is the rental costs of the flat at 12 avenue de la Forêt Noire at 1800 € per month (21 600 € per year).  This is not only the home for our priest and his family; it also serves as an essential church office base, the legal siège de l’association cultuelle and for various church activities.

Ascension Day 30 May

The Sunday School Sleepover has been postponed to another time – Everyone seems to be traveling!!

However, there will be an Ascension celebration & champagne brunch for all at the Chaplaincy flat

(12 ave. de la Forêt Noire) this Thursday 30 May at 10h30.

This will also be a good occasion to come and welcome Philip Zoutendam, who joins St Alban’s Ministry Team for the months of June and July.

Philip comes to us from Duke Divinity School in Durham, NC (USA).

The Feast of the Ascension celebrates the ascent of Jesus to God the Father. After his death and resurrection, he leaves his disciples while still continuing to be with them… but differently. He promises to send them the Holy Spirit to be with them forever.

The Ascension, coming forty days after Easter Sunday, marks Christ’s entry into the glory of God and is a major feast of the Church. It is viewed as an extension of Easter and the announcement of Pentecost ten days later.

La fête de l’Ascension célèbre la montée de Jésus vers Dieu son Père. Mort et ressuscité, il quitte ses disciples tout en continuant d’être présent auprès d’eux… mais différemment. Il promet de leur envoyer l’Esprit-Saint qui serait avec eux pour toujours.

La fête de l’Ascension, tombant quarante jours après Pâques, marque l’entrée du Christ dans la gloire de Dieu. Elle est une des principales fêtes de l’Eglise. C’est le prolongement de Pâques et annonce la Pentecôte, dix jours plus tard.



Thy Kingdom Come

THY KINGDOM COME is a global prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray for more people to come to know Christ. What started in 2016 as an invitation from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York to the Church of England has grown into an international and ecumenical call to prayer.

During the 11 days of Thy Kingdom Come (from Ascension to Pentecost) we will pray for the coming of the Holy Spirit, as has been the custom of Christians for centuries. We will seek to deepen our lives in Christ as well as ask the Spirit to draw 5 of our friends and family members to know Christ.

Thy Kingdom Come est un mouvement mondial de prière qui invite les chrétiens du monde entier à prier pour que davantage de personnes puissent connaître le Christ. Pendant les 11 jours de l’Ascension à la Pentecôte nous prierons pour la venue du Saint-Esprit et demanderons à l’Esprit d’attirer 5 de nos amis et membres de notre famille à connaître le Christ.

Women’s Breakfast Bible Study 9 March

Catherine Emezie writes:

Our next women’s breakfast meeting will be held on Saturday 9 March at 09.00h. I will host the breakfast at my place (24 rue Cerf Berr, 67200 Strasbourg, Tram D, Bus 4a Poteries). Below is the link to watch the movie “Heaven is for Real” which Astrid has kindly shared with us so that we can watch the movie beforehand. You could probably make some notes as you watch since we will only be able to watch excerpts on the meeting day and thus have more time to discuss.

This link is just for watching, not for downloading the movie.




Liebfrauenberg Weekend 5 – 7 April 2019

Save the date!  The joint chaplaincy weekend, organised annually with Heidelberg and Stuttgart, will take place from 5 -7 April 2019. The leader will be Andrew Lane, director of the Quaker Council for European Affairs in Brussels. Andrew will talk about Quaker beliefs and actions and the work of his organisation. For more information follow this link:

Liebfrauenberg Weekend 2018

Or contact Diane Murray at 03 88 36 12 25.