Lent Prayers for St. Alban’s

Our locum priest Christine writes: Prayer is at the centre of everything we are and do. Jesus was continually at prayer with his Father, and the universal Church prays without ceasing. “Lent Prayers for St. Alban’s” is  a  prayer card is to help us and our families to pray during this time of Lent; to reflect on our shortcomings and to dream of the future life, ministry and witness of Saint Alban’s.
Every member of Saint Alban’s
men, women, children
for the future of Saint Alban’s
ten minutes
every day at 19h00
around a lighted candle
together or alone
in silence, through words
through meditation

Towards the end of Lent draw all of your prayers and dreams for the future of Saint Alban’s into a single prayer. Bring it to Church on Palm Sunday where all of our prayers will be offered to God.On the prayer card there are some verses from Scripture to guide us.

Card Lent Prayers