Services Holy Week and Easter

All services will be at the Dominican Church, 41 Blvd de la Victoire, 67000 Strasbourg unless otherwise stated.

Palm Sunday, March 20th
10h30 Palm Sunday Liturgy and Holy Eucharist
15h00 Liturgie des palmes et Sainte Eucharistie
(chez les Pères Oblats, 21 route de la Wantzenau, 67000 Strasbourg)
Offering of prayers for Saint Alban’s

Monday in Holy Week, March 21st
Holy Eucharist and pause for thought
chez Fida Marie and Claude Sarrouge-Bittar Hetsch
13 Avenue du Général de Gaulle, 67000 Strasbourg at 19h00

Tuesday in Holy Week, March 22nd
Holy Eucharist and pause for thought
chez Victoria and Naveed Jacob
5 rue Wallonie, 67000 Strasbourg at 19h00

Wednesday in Holy Week, March 23rd
Sainte Eucharistie et moment de reflection
chez Johny and Voahangy Ramananjatovo
13 rue Jean-Paul de Dadelsen, 67200 Strasbourg at 19h00

Maundy Thursday / Jeudi Saint, March 24th
Liturgy for the day with Holy Communion
Chapel of the  Hôpital Civil, Porte de l’Hôpital,  at 19h00

Liturgy of Good Friday / Vendredi Saint, March 25th
13h00 – 14h45

Easter Day / Jour de Pâques, March 27th
Holy Eucharist / Sainte Eucharistie 10h45

After the service Church Lunch at 15 rue d’Austerlitz.