Flea Market / Brocante at Dorlisheim, 12 June 2016

Every summer the village of Dorlisheim, near Molsheim, is transformed into a paradise for bargain-hunters as tables and stalls fill the streets and courtyards for the annual flea market.  The Revd. John Murray and his wife Diane have a house in Dorlisheim with a large courtyard; for the past few years they have enabled ACAS, the charitable association affiliated to our church, to set up stalls there and sell whatever seems to be saleable to raise money for our charitable giving.  They also provide wonderful food to sustain the helpers !

Help is required in many ways:

ACAS needs things to sell ! – So please look through drawers, cupboards, under beds and in cellars and see what you don’t need and think could find a home elsewhere.  In the past china, glassware, jewellery, shoes, handbags, children’s toys have all found takers, to mention just a few items.  Clothes should be wearable and clean, toys etc. intact.  Maryline William-Smith has kindly offered to store these items in her garage at 7 rue des Ducs, Cronenbourg.  Please contact her by email to arrange a time to drop your donations off:  maryline.neuschwander@orange.fr.

Helpers are needed on Saturday, 11 June, to transport the donated items from Cronenbourg to Dorlisheim.

Helpers are also needed on Sunday 12 June at 7.00am to set up tables etc, put out the items for sale and man the stalls.  Other helpers are needed to take over from the early shift and man the stalls later in the day.  And finally: helpers are needed to clear up afterwards and eventually take the unsold items to “Emmaüs”.

Last year ACAS raised over €800 at the flea market, thanks to the concerted efforts of numerous donors and helpers.  It is worthwhile, it is important to raise money to support  projects in Madagascar, Pakistan and in Strasbourg, and it is, incidentally, great fun !