Tuesday Prayers

During the interminable months of lockdown in 2020 we all discovered online meeting programmes such as Zoom as a way of continuing to worship together.  We  discovered that this technology also made it possible for people who were far away from each other to stay in touch.  Apart from the weekly Zoom Sunday service the Tuesday prayer meeting (which had originally been held in the Chaplaincy flat) became a regular Zoom feature.

For over a year now St. Alban’s has been able to come together physically at the Dominicans’ church for Sunday worship, and that is a great joy.  Now, after a summer break,  we are resuming the online Tuesday Prayers on Zoom – recognising that it is easier for most people to participate online rather than have to travel into Strasbourg.  In this way we can share our prayers, our hopes and concerns with one another between Sunday services.

On Tuesdays at 18.30h we follow the pattern of Evening Prayer, listen to a short reflection on the main reading and pray with and for one another.  It lasts about 45 minutes; for details of the Zoom link please contact Fr. Mark at: anglican.chaplaincy.strasbourg@gmail.com