More pictures of a joyful occasion

With the institution of St. Alban’s new Priest-in-Charge, the Revd. Dr. Mark Barwick, on 10 December, the Anglican church in Strasbourg was able to welcome the Bishop of Europe in Gibraltar, the Rt. Rev. Dr.Robert Innes and a whole clutch of Strasbourg clergy to celebrate the occasion with the congregation.  Here are more pictures of a memorable service taken by Maryline William-Smith.

Left: Philippe Aviron-Violet, curé of St Maurice and St Bernard, Bishop Venuste Mutiganda, John Murray and Mark Barwick. Right: Fr. Hervé of the Dominicans.  Bishop Robert at the lecturn.

The churchwardens, Pauline Dif & Denis Le Moullac, present St. Alban’s choice of Mark Barwick as pastor and priest.

Representatives of St. Alban’s – here Catheine Emezie and Richard Razafindratsima – present Mark with symbols of his ministry.

The Bishop and Archdeacon Meurig Williams give communion, with chalice-bearers Victoria Jacobs and Rufus Folaranmi.

Reader-in-Training Ozichi Baron leading the singing and drumming of the final hymn: “We are marching …”

Commemoration photo with visitors from Roman Catholic, Protestant and Evangelical churches in Strasbourg, churchwardens and St. Albans ministry team.

Good food for bishops and church veterans alike




A Day of Celebration: Institution of St. Alban’s new Priest-in-Charge.

Flanked by an impressive array of robed clergy from near and far, on Sunday 10 December the Revd. Mark Barwick was formally licensed as Priest-in-Charge of St. Alban’s Strasbourg by the Rt. Revd. Robert Innes, Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe, to give him his full title.  It was Bishop Robert’s first visit to the Strasbourg church and the occasion could not have been more joyful.  After a long vacancy of 4 years St. Alban’s at last has a new Priest-in-Charge.  The Revd. Mark Barwick, his wife Corinna and their two children Madeleine and Elias, moved to Strasbourg  from Brussels in September and have been warmly welcomed by the congregation.  With the official institution Mark is now officially “en poste” for at least the next three years.

As the Bishop pointed out, in many ways Mark’s previous career has almost predestined him for the post of Priest in Strasbourg. He was ordained into the Episcopal Church and previously  was  assistant priest  in Waterloo, Belgium. He speaks French and German, has worked with political institutions in Brussels and for many years was involved  in conflict resolution with the Pax Christi organisation. During the instititution he was asked to affirm his loyalty to the Church of England and presented with a licence bearing an impressive red seal.

    Bishop Robert, right, reading out the licence, to Mark Barwick, right, and Archdeacon Meurig Williams, centre.

Among the visiting clergy were Jean-Georges Boeglin, Ecumenical officer of the Diocese of Strasbourg , Frère Hervé, Prior of our hosts the Dominicans, Philippe Aviron-Violet, curé of St Maurice and St Bernard,  two representatives of the President and Vice-President of the Union des Eglises Protestantes d’Alsace et de Lorraine, Pastor Daniel Rivaud, representing the Entente Evangélique de Strasbourg and David Fieldsend, Reader from the Pro-Cathedral in Brussels. Mary Talbot from All Saints’ Geneva represented our former Priest-in-Charge,  Alex  Gordon, and his wife Geraldine.  Their presence was an indication of the importance Mark  attaches to tending the ecumenical relations already established by previous priests at St. Alban’s.  The congregation turned out in force;  the Malgache Chorale sang a Gloria, and the last hymn, “We are marching”, was accompanied by an enthusiastic  group of  drummers and singers.

  The Malgache Chorale, led by Worship Leader Voahangy Ramananjatovo

In true and traditional Strasbourg fashion the institution was followed by one of St. Alban’s unforgettable feasts – conjured up by Victoria Jacobs, Anny Samuels and their helpers. It was a wonderful day with plenty of nourishment for mind, body and soul.

The Feast (or at least part of it!) Frère Hervé of the Dominicans on the right of Mark Barwick as he says grace.

The Bishop of Europe was as enthusiastic as the congregation was: here is what he wrote in his blog.




Bredele for sale for St. Alban’s charitable association

Maryline William-Smith writes:

Anny’s wonderful talents have given us this year an excellent charity calendar and under her wise management, the bredele baking team has had its best production year so far.

With grateful thanks to all those lovely people who participated recently in the baking and/or packaging sessions, I’d like to confirm that our best crop of Bredele yet will be available for sale after Church on the Sundays in Advent while stocks last.

There have been some minor breakages and so today during the packaging session we tasted the quality of the varieties  (well somebody has to!!)  and we could confirm that the biscuits are absolutely delicious this year.

So do come with a generous heart and help ACAS, your church charity association,  with plentiful purchases.

     The baking team at work – and the result.     

PS: Bredele, for newcomers, are spicy tasty biscuits that are baked during Advent in Alsace and are an indispensible ingredient of an Alsatian Christmas.   Anny Samuels is an accomplished Bredele artist.


Advent and Christmas with St. Alban’s

Unless otherwise indicated, all services will take place at the Eglise des Dominicains, 41 boulevard de la Victoire, Strasbourg.
10 December  Second Sunday in Advent
10h30 Holy Eucharist
Visit of The Rt Rev Robert Innes, Bishop in Europe and licensing of the Rev. Dr. Mark Barwick as Priest-in-Charge of St. Alban’s.
12 December  
19h30 Service of Lessons & Carols at Horbourg-Wihr
17 December  Third Sunday in Advent
10h30 Holy Eucharist
15h00 Chants de Noël avec la communauté malgache, chez les Pères Oblats, 21 Route de la Wantzenau
15h00 Carols for the Salvation Army, centre ville
24 December   Fourth Sunday in Advent
10h30 Holy Eucharist
17h30 Christmas Eve Carols and Lessons by candlelight, Chapelle Protestante de l’Hôpital Civil
25 December   Christmas Day
10h30 Holy Eucharist
26 December    Feast of St Stephen /Boxing Day
16h30 Service of Lessons & Carols
31 December    First Sunday in Christmas
10h30 Holy Eucharist
7 January 2018  Feast of the Epiphany
9h40   Holy Eucharist, Book of Common Prayer
10h30 Holy Eucharist, All-Age Worship



Women’s Bible Study Friday 8 December

Catherine Emezie writes:

I am pleased to invite you to the next women’s bible study and end of year pot luck dinner on Friday 8 December. A big thank you to Murielle Richardson who is hosting us at their home –  16 rue St Louis, 1st floor. (Bus 10 ‘St Thomas’,  Tram ‘Porte de l’hôpital’ or ‘Grand’Rue’). Please bring along a main dish or dessert/drink.

We will begin with an amusing but not serious quiz (we all get to ask a question, I will supply them). We will then listen to a couple of personal testimonies and briefly reflect on some of the studies we’ve done in 2017.

It promises to be a fun and  relaxing evening so I hope to see as many women come along. Feel free to bring a friend along too.

Please save the future meeting dates (2018):

Friday 19 January at 18.45

Friday 16 February at 18.45

Saturday 24 March at 09.00 breakfast meeting.